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Bill Buddy helps to reduce bills and energy use

MercyCare service users are being given exclusive access to a new mobile app designed to help people reduce their utility bills and costs of living, while also reducing their carbon footprint.

We are part of a group of community service organisations who together with ClimateClever, a social enterprise working to inspire action on climate change, have had an app developed for to help low income households and those experiencing financial hardship.

The app: BillBuddy was created by ClimateClever and is based on years of research and pilot programs through Curtin University, where it was first created to help schools reduce their carbon footprint and save money.

A Lotterywest Grant allowed the existing app to be adapted to create a tailored ‘home’ version.

The app has features that measure and track electricity, gas and water consumption, costs and carbon emissions and provides details about how different appliances contribute to energy and water consumption.

It allows users to take steps to make change by assigning tasks, setting due dates, monitoring progress and sharing experiences.

Participating in this pilot program not only assists our organisation in our vision for people and communities to thrive but is part of our commitment to addressing ecological awareness and behaviours.

During the 12-month pilot program, MercyCare service users are able to sign up for free.

If you are a current MercyCare service user and would like to participate, ask a member of our staff for more information.