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Caring beyond duty

As a senior support worker for MercyCare’s Home Care services, Marlene visits new clients and helps them complete the necessary paperwork to action their Commonwealth Home Support Program.

But Marlene’s empathy and compassion for her clients goes well beyond a house call.

She visits up to eight clients a day, providing domestic assistance, meal preparation, shopping and social support.

“I see some of my clients a couple of times a week, so I almost feel like part of the family,” Marlene said.

“I’ve always gotten along with elderly people; they’ve always got a story to tell and they’ve got life experience.

“It’s what I love most about my job – getting to know them.”

Her genuinely caring nature and attentive service has made Marlene a much-loved support worker among her clients. Most call her their friend.

And because she knows her clients so well, it’s hard for Marlene not to feel worried if they don’t seem their usual self or if their refrigerator isn’t stocked with their favourite foods. 

“In this job you’ve got to be sensitive, compassionate, respectful… all the MercyCare values really.”