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Celebrating 26 Years of Volunteering

Join us in commemorating the invaluable contributions of Joan Langton, a beloved MercyCare volunteer, as we bid farewell after her remarkable 26-year journey with us. 

Joan’s story is a beacon of inspiration during National Volunteer Week, epitomising the transformative power of volunteering and its enduring impact on our community.

Joan’s journey began with a humble start, volunteering at our annual book sale.

Over the years, her dedication and passion blossomed, leading her to become an integral part of the MercyCare family. 

She enhanced the aesthetics of our aged care facilities with vibrant gardens and pathways and meticulously documented the rich histories of the children who found refuge at our Wembley site. 

Joan’s multifaceted contributions have left an indelible mark on MercyCare and the lives of those we serve.

But Joan’s impact extended far beyond the tasks she undertook. Her commitment to making meaningful connections and touching lives with compassion and dedication set her apart. 

Despite facing personal challenges, Joan’s spirit remained resilient, embodying the ethos of service and selflessness.

Although health issues have led Joan to step back from her volunteer work, her legacy inspires us all.

Her story serves as a poignant reminder of the profound difference one person’s dedication can make in the lives of others and the broader community.

As we express our deepest gratitude to Joan for her selfless service, we invite you to celebrate her remarkable journey. 

During National Volunteer Week, honour Joan’s legacy by reflecting on the importance of exploring our passions.

While committing fully to our endeavours, and valuing the friendships forged through volunteering.

Though Joan may have transitioned from active volunteering, she remains integral to our Wembley Village community.

We eagerly anticipate seeing her at various events and activities throughout the year. Her spirit of kindness and generosity continues to uplift and inspire us all.

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