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Connecting families with a tap of a screen

Parents and guardians of children in our early learning centres have new insight into their children’s days thanks to an app introduced earlier this year.

The Xplor app allows easy communication between parents and educators and automates a number of administration type tasks, making it a one-stop-shop for ELC related information and details.

The app, introduced at the start of 2018, is used by educators to send photos and videos of what children are up to throughout the day.

Thornlie mother Samantha says the Xplor app set her mind at ease about her daughter starting at MercyCare’s Thornlie ELC.

“It was wonderful when I first put my daughter into day-care,” she said.

“She had just turned one and I was so nervous about how she would go, I felt really stressed about the whole idea of her being away from me, but getting a heap of photos, videos and notifications throughout the day was so great!

“I knew what she was having to eat, when her nappy changes were and that she was generally happy and enjoying herself.

“The drop offs were the worst as she would cry so hard and I would literally get a message from the app as I was getting into my car to say that my daughter was fine and a little photo to prove it.

“It was great at putting my mind at ease.”

With the app, rather than signing in children in a physical book, parents can simply sign them in on the app on their phone as they drop them off.

Bookings and account information are available on the app and there is also the ability for parents to update educators on general information about their child’s health and wellbeing.

Educators who used to note down things like nappy changes and nap times with pen and paper can now enter them in to the app, where parents can easily access the details.  

In recent weeks we have rolled the app out to our five new early learning centres in Ballajura, Bassendean, Bennett Springs, Landsdale and Kelmscott.