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Delivery excitement at our Early Learning centres

“As a not-for-profit early learning service, we see the importance of putting back into our centres to ensure the best possible care for our children and families,” MercyCare Early Learning Services Manager Lucy Pugh said.

The investment is part of feedback received through MercyCare’s 2020 Staff and Volunteer Survey for more resources for the children and equipment to support them in their roles.

“Our centres were very excited to receive the new resources and equipment this month and all of us are so looking forward to seeing the excitement from the children as they get to explore and play with their new resources,” Lucy said.

Included in the resources was:

  • Home corner equipment to role play, to expand a child’s imagination and interact with their peers.
  • Bikes and climbing equipment to encourage and develop their locomotive, balance and climbing skills.
  • Construction equipment to express themselves creatively and explore concepts such as cause and effect.