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Dreams Can Come True – Meet Kate

Meet Kate. Kate is 63 and has three beautiful grandchildren. She is legally blind and has been living by herself for two years since her husband passed away.

After her husband’s death, Kate came to MercyCare to help her continue living independently in her own home.

“When I lost my husband, I had to go through the NDIS to get the support that I needed to live my life as independently as possible. MercyCare worked with me to get a support worker that suited me and helped me gain independence.”

Kate has a strong network of family and friends, but was determined not to rely on them as her helpers as she felt this would place an unfair burden on her loved ones.

Kate is youthful at heart and knows what she wants. She wants to keep doing what she’s always done and more!

One thing Kate wants is to spend more time with her grandsons, because it keeps her connected to her family. It also gives her daughter the help she needs to raise her children. But Kate was nervous and lacked confidence in her ability to do this on her own.

Working with MercyCare, Kate brought her NDIS plan to life by carefully choosing a range of flexible services to meet her specific needs. With the support of MercyCare, Kate now regularly looks after her grandchildren independently.

“I have Lucas two days a week. I’m enjoying it so much and it’s because I’ve built the confidence with MercyCare to have him on my own.”

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