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Early Learning and Aged Care unite

This year’s theme, Food safety – be prepared, aimed to build resilience in the community by setting up a basic food safety toolkit and encouraging public engagement with food safety courses.

During the session, which was held at MercyCare’s Sister Martin Kelly Centre in Wembley,  aged care and early learning hospitality staff worked together to identify common food safety requirements.

The collaborative session provided staff with an opportunity to use Food Safety Week as a platform to connect and learn from one another while also taking part in allergen and anaphylaxis training by Plena Health.

During the training session, staff learned how to identify the difference between allergy and anaphylaxis, learn the signs and symptoms, distinguish between a food allergy or intolerance, different types of food allergies, reading and understanding labels and learning about ingredient substitutions.

“Following the training, there was also an opportunity to acknowledge the essential work that our chefs, cooks and food service attendants do to ensure that our most vulnerable people in our care are kept safe from food bourn illnesses,” MercyCare Hospitality Service Manager for Residential Aged Care Sharon Broome said.

The day also offered the opportunity for staff to connect with their fellow colleagues from different service areas, while also recognising the important role that our chefs and cooks play in our services and in keeping our children and residents safe.

MercyCare Mission and Quality Project Lead Courtney Barnard added that while the integrated training was a good opportunity to network, share ideas and learn from one another, it also worked to ensure that the health, wellbeing and safety of our residents and children is a top priority.

“The training will ensure all cooks are up to date with the latest information, strategies and knowledge to provide a balanced, healthy menu and meals to our children and residents,” Courtney said.

“We want to ensure our children, residents and families are provided the best possible care with meals and dining experiences which will ensure a healthy balance along with positive interactions and education to our children and residents.”

As token of appreciation, at the end of the training day staff were presented with MercyCare branded chefs’ hats and aprons.