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Ehsan’s language skills a win for supporting disability participant

For Ehsan, the decision to become a disability support worker for MercyCare more than seven months ago has been a rewarding one.

Relocating to Perth two years ago from Kabul, Ehsan was eager to find work and came across a support worker role within MercyCare’s Disability Services.  

Having previously worked for the Australian Defence Force as a translator, Ehsan has always found enjoyment in helping others.

“I thought, for myself, it will be nice to become a support worker because I enjoy helping people,” Ehsan said.

“I wanted to contribute and deliver services to society especially to people who need it. So I found it interesting, and being able to help others, that’s why I chose to be a support worker.”

MercyCare provided Ehsan with training and support to do the role while he was paired with his participant, who also hails from his home country of Afghanistan. 

“MercyCare provided me with support to do this job,” he said.

“Before coming to Australia, I didn’t do any jobs like support worker. I did the interpreting for the ADF, and before that I used to work for some other companies, I used to work in customer care and accounting and finance, so those are my experiences back in Afghanistan.”

Ehsan provides support to his participant five days a week, including support around the home as well as social support and to pursue his interests out and about in the community.

Both Ehsan and his participant speak their home language of Dari, which Ehsan said helped to break the ice.

“Because we are the same cultural background, same country, I know how to start a conversation with him and most of the time he feels comfortable with me,” he said.

Supported by the ADF to come to Australia on a Humanitarian visa for LEE — which stands for Locally Engaged Employees — Ehsan is now a permanent resident and said he has settled well into Perth life with his wife and young son.

“I’m thankful to be here and for the opportunities here for work and education,” Ehsan said.

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