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Enjoying the Goode life at home

“I remember calling my brother to tell him ‘it’s even got a backyard’. It’s the first time I’ve had a backyard,” Alice said.

“I know I’m getting to a point where I need full time care. I know it’s coming, and I feel fine about that, but I’m not there yet.”

After a lifetime devoted to community work through the Methodist Church and Salvation Army, Alice says she feels blessed to now receive support that enables her to continue living in the home she loves.

Alice started with MercyCare with Short Term Restorative Care before moving to a MercyCare Home Care Package that provides assistance for her around the home, in the garden and with grocery shopping.

She also received physiotherapy through a MercyCare Short Term Restorative Care package.

Her support workers visit twice a day to help her with meal preparation, showering and general housework while a registered nurse visits twice a week.

“I feel so blessed to have them come twice a day to help me,” Alice said.

“It’s made my life a lot easier and a lot more comfortable.

“The staff are all very polite and caring and they’re happy, which makes my day.”

There is no doubt that her home care is much more to Alice than merely a useful service.

She knows each of her support workers and after receiving services from them for over
three years, she has developed strong bonds.

“I always look forward to their visits…. Every day,” she said.

“I get to hear about their families and their children, and I learn about their cultures.

After spending Christmas with her family, Alice was admitted to hospital and spent the New Year period in treatment.

She’s had a few hospital admissions in the past few years and although she knows she needs the care, she misses her home and her friends.

“I missed the girls. It was a long 10 days it was lovely to get back to my home.”

Change may be ahead for Alice, but for now she is able to stay independent at home thanks to the services MercyCare provides under her Home Care Package.

She is able to continue  enjoying her home, reading novels on her iPad, watching Netflix mystery series and listening to music via her brand new voice-controlled home stereo.


What is a Home Care Package?

A Home Care Package is a selection of services that can support you to continue living at home independently and safely, connected to your community.

MercyCare can support you at home in many ways, from nursing and personal care to house cleaning and getting out-and-about in your community.

You can select services that best suit your needs – you have full control, choice and flexibility over your home care.

To chat more about our services, give our friendly team a call on 1800 637 299 or email

Home Care Services

  • Personal care
  • House cleaning
  • Home maintenance
  • Gardening
  • Meals
  • Shopping
  • Community connection
  • Nursing care
  • Allied Health support
  • Companionship
  • Transport
  • Aids and equipment to keep you safe