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Experience makes the difference

Although most of her clients will never meet Ruth in person, hers is the cheerful, bubbly voice they hear on the phone at least weekly.

There’s no doubt they will have come to recognise her caring manner and distinct Irish accent.

Ruth is in charge of rostering support workers and scheduling services for MercyCare’s Home Care Package and Commonwealth Home Support Program clients in the South East region.

Her role ensures clients receive the home care support they need, while ensuring support workers are also supported in their role.

“No day is ever the same. It’s fast-paced and it’s busy but I like knowing that I’m able to help people,” she said.

“What I really love is that people (both clients and support workers) are seen as individuals and we work to adapt services to their needs.”

With over ten years’ experience as a support worker herself, Ruth has a valuable insight into the needs of her support worker team.

“I think having that experience in the field makes a difference. I know that things like travel time is really important for our support workers so I try to allow extra time for that.”

Her wealth of experience and background in disability support and respite care enables Ruth to anticipate and genuinely support the needs of her clients and team.