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Group Leadership Award for Home Care role model

The Group Leadership Excellence Award is given to an emerging leader, supervisor, manager or executive leader who works collaboratively across MercyCare to create connection and deliver impactful strategically aligned outcomes.

Kayla, who is a Team Lead for Home Care, has played a huge role in driving a culture of openness and inclusiveness at the Rockingham Hub, ensuring people feel comfortable and welcome.

Described as someone who always strives towards excellence, Kayla is a role model for her team and the people she works with each day. She shows compassion even when dealing with complex issues, and inspires those around her with her knowledge, commitment, and behaviours that reflect the MercyCare values.

Before joining MercyCare Kayla worked for a not-for-profit organisation with connections to aged care. This experience, combined with caring for her grandmother was instrumental in her drive to work in a role that could make a real difference in people’s lives.

“I recognised that the caring industry was extremely close to my heart and where I felt my compassion and skills would be best utilised.” Said Kayla.

“I feel like this is a long-term career move for me and I am proud to be working for an organisation that makes decisions based on their values and mission. It is the foundation that drives and empowers people to make a difference.”

“This recognition is a part of my ongoing professional development, and on a personal level it inspires me to continue striving to be my best self, a role model for my team, and have a meaningful impact on others’ lives.

Kayla is committed to building on her industry knowledge and experience so that she can best support her team through the growth, changes and challenges in the Aged Care Industry in the coming years.

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