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Grow your Early Learning career with our traineeship program

Under the program, offered to both new and existing employees, MercyCare pays for staff to complete a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care.

“The Traineeship program is a great springboard into an Early Learning career as well as a fantastic opportunity for those that already work in childcare that want to upskill and progress their careers,” MercyCare Early Learning Services Manager Lucy Pugh said.

“What we look for in our trainees is that value fit for MercyCare. Those that are compassionate, show respect to their colleagues and children and want to strive for excellence in their work.

“The great thing about a traineeship is it allows people to earn an income while they study, but also get that hands-on experience they need to practice what they learn and complete their assessments.

“They are surrounded by really great experienced educators, so they always have someone to ask questions of and provide that mentorship that is crucial.”

The traineeship requires students to complete written assessments and practical tasks. Each student is allocated a trainer that visits them at their Early Learning Centre to guide and support them.

“In between visits from their trainer, they will be given small, hands-on tasks which fit in with the work that they already do at the centre,” Lucy said.

There are currently 23 trainees working across MercyCare Early Learning Centres.

“Trainees are able to study while working, which means they can learn their skills and build their knowledge on the job,” Lucy said.

“They also have a knowledgeable team that can support them in their studies. Once they have completed their Certificate III, they can go onto complete their Diploma if they choose to.”

While MercyCare is proud to have many long-serving staff working across our Early Learning Centres, Lucy said bringing in a new generation of staff brings a fresh perspective to our centres.

“The experienced staff that have worked in the industry for a long time can share their experiences and knowledge, and the trainees can share new up-to-date knowledge and ideas they learn through the course,” she said.

“We are also able to ensure that they gain the best knowledge in a supportive environment which delivers the best outcomes for our families and children.”

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