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Heartstrings and Paintbrushes: Celebrating Two Years at Wembley

Initially motivated by a requirement for practical experience in her university studies, Aysa’s commitment to volunteering and spending time with residents has remained even after graduating with a double degree in psychology and commerce.

Aysa understands the significance of combating the issue of loneliness in residential aged care and believes that the exchange of perspectives between the young and the elderly is invaluable.

“Companionship is crucial to one’s cognitive and mental health, making my volunteer work all the more meaningful,” explains Aysa.

When Aysa finds spare moments during her busy life, she channels her love for painting. Her talent has extended its reach to benefit others by making personalised Christmas cards for Wembley staff.

Overall, Aysa’s volunteer journey shows her deep commitment to contributing to the wellbeing of Wembley residential aged care residents.

Through blending academic knowledge with hands-on compassion, she has left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those she touches.

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