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Helping people warms my heart

“I came across aged care when I was looking for a job. I was like wow, there is something you can do where I can express who I am and yet get paid for it.

Having worked in aged care for a long time I’ve fallen in love with it, talking to people, it’s fun to talk and get to know each person.

To be in this industry you have to have a very caring heart and lots of self-control. It demands a lot of character really.

I’ve been working for MercyCare for nine years now. Growing up I used to be really shy and even when I started working for MercyCare I was really shy person but being here it pushed me to socialise – I already have that nature in me to help people, talk to people, so being in MercyCare has given something back to me.

It’s helped me come out of my shell, I’m able to talk to people, I’m able to give, and overall it has been a great experience.”

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