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How Short Term Restorative Care transformed Robert’s life for the better

“My wife and I are retired businessowners and we’ve always taken pride in having an active, busy lifestyle.

“But when my health began to decline several years ago, mobility issues meant a wheelchair was the easiest way for me to move around, which led my wife to step up as my main supporter. Sadly, she recently had a heart attack and now relies on me for more support.

“That’s when I turned to MercyCare to help improve my mobility and independence so I’m better able to get around our home and provide more support to my wife.

“I often experience chronic pain, and I have good days and bad days. As someone who has a very active mind, I often find it frustrating when there’s something I want to do but, physically, I’m not able to.”

Through MercyCare’s Short Term Restorative Care (STRC) eight-week program, led by STRC coordinator Nicky Powell, Robert worked alongside a dedicated team of physiotherapists, nurses and an occupational therapist to implement changes to his mobility, strength and daily routine.

During the program, changes were also made to Robert’s home to enable him to carry out tasks independently.

This included the addition of a ramp to the rear of the home which provided wheelchair access to the backyard and Robert’s beloved shed.

A ramp was installed in Robert’s backyard to provide wheelchair access.

Physiotherapists supported Robert with ways to improve his mobility through strength exercises, while an occupational therapist worked to improve his independence in and around the home through introducing an array of home care tools such as cutlery grips, a kettle tipper and jar opening aids, which could support Robert to carry out more tasks in the kitchen.  

“I am very thankful to MercyCare Occupation Therapist Siobhan Tyndell, who showed me the various gadgets that I can help me complete tasks around the home given my limited movement,” Robert said.

“I am happy to say that I have been able to meet all my goals that were set at the start of the program.

“With the team’s help, I have a more positive attitude and I feel more motivated to continue to improve my mobility and engage in more activities.

“I am now more independent in the kitchen – I love to cook – and I also feel more confident moving around now I we have improved access in and around the home.

“One of my goals was to have better access in and around the home and feel more independent with moving around, which I can now do. I am grateful to the MercyCare team for helping me achieve this.”