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Ice Cream for Everyone

Residents of MercyCare’s Rockingham Residential Aged Care facility were treated to free ice cream recently due to the generosity of Leah Endersby and her Milky Monster ice cream van.

MercyCare’s Lifestyle coordinator Letisha Stanley got in touch with Leah after some of the residents were talking about the simple joy of ice cream after seeing an advertisement on TV. “They got talking about it and said that it would be good to experience again as some of them can’t actually leave the facility any more. The visit was a great opportunity for them to break their routine a little, spark some joy and reminisce about their past,” Letisha said.

“Many residents were saying ‘I felt like I was a kid again’ it was wonderful to hear.”

The Milky Monster ice-cream van owner Leah said she felt she had been very lucky in life and enjoyed having a successful small business that had brought her lots of joy over the past 11 years.

“I love that I can help people smile and feel it’s important to give a bit back, especially to older people or special needs people who can’t do the simple things in life like go out for an ice-cream.

“About 80 ice-creams were enjoyed by the residents at MercyCare Rockingham the other day and I will definitely be back again!” 

Leah was assisted by her Mum in handing out free ice-creams and said it was great to feel they had helped to make a few people smile.