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Intergenerational experiences at MercyCare

There is overwhelming evidence that shows both the educational and social benefits of connecting young and older people through intergenerational activities. MercyCare has been incorporating these activities with Residential Aged Care (RAC) and the Early Learning Centres (ELC).

Children from Wembley ELC are now frequently visiting the RAC to spend time with residents. As well as arts and crafts, nearly everyone can complete puzzles and even play ball games together.

Residents from Maddington RAC have also visited the children at Thornlie ELC to complete an art project together.

The handprints symbolise the two generations coming together, and everyone commented on how much they enjoyed the artwork and story time.

The interaction between the two generations brings new energy, knowledge and enthusiasm to each other’s lives. It also improves emotional, social, cognitive, physical and sensory aspects, helping them to share ideas, learn new skills and cooperate together in special, unique interactions.

This is a wonderful opportunity to bring people of all ages together, and we look forward to these events becoming an ongoing part of MercyCare’s community.