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Intergenerational Visits at Davis House

The purpose of the visit was not merely academic but deeply rooted in promoting empathy and understanding.

As part of students Cert II in Community Service, the students had the opportunity to interact with the residents of Davis House , many of whom are living with dementia.

Engaging Activities Encourages Connection

The day was meticulously organised, with four engaging stations, allowing the students to connect seamlessly with the residents.

At the sensory projector station, interactive games provided an opportunity for interactions, bridging communication barriers and bringing joy to those who are no longer verbal.

In the gardening station, under the warm sunshine, students and residents bonded over potting seedlings, exchanging stories, and sharing gardening wisdom.

The experience served as a beautiful reminder of the power of natural conversation to transcend generations and generate lasting connections.

Meanwhile, balloon tennis proved to be a delightful exercise in patience and adaptability.

As students and residents played the game seated in a circle, laughter filled the air, showcasing the importance of staying active and embracing different forms of recreation.

Additionally, a session with Respite Coordinator Lyndsey provided students with valuable insights into dementia and the vital role of Davis House in offering support and respite care.

Through engaging activities and simulation exercises, students gained firsthand experience of the challenges faced by individuals living with dementia, nurturing empathy and understanding

The Importance of Social Connection

The benefits of this intergenerational exchange were felt by both students and residents alike. Many students, initially nervous, quickly warmed up to the experience, with some expressing reluctance to leave at the end of the day.

The interaction with residents from diverse backgrounds also offered students a valuable lesson in working with diverse populations, enhancing their empathy and communication skills.

For the residents of Davis House, the visit brought immeasurable joy and companionship.

The presence of the students lifted spirits and created a vibrant atmosphere, encouraging greater engagement in activities and fostering a sense of belonging within the community.

Building Bridges and Enriching Lives

‘The importance of meaningful social connections and structured activities for individuals living with dementia cannot be overstated. As humans, we all crave connection and belonging, and initiatives like these play a vital role in fulfilling these fundamental needs, regardless of age or cognitive abilities’ explains Lauren Meredith, General Manger Home Care.

The success of this visit is a testament to the power of intergenerational bonding and the deep impact it can have on individuals and communities alike. 

As Davis House looks forward to future visits from Ocean Reef Senior High School, the spirit of connection and companionship continues to thrive, enriching the lives of all involved