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Just the right ingredients at Joondalup

“Working as a chef in aged care is very rewarding. When you interact with the residents and you see the effect your food has on them, it brings joy to make a difference in their life,” Conrad said.

Conrad has worked all over the world in top-end hotels and restaurants, but he has found the perfect balance as the senior chef at MercyCare Joondalup.

“With the children growing up I wanted to spend some time with them and working in hotels and restaurants that was very difficult to be able to find the time. I didn’t want to miss the children growing up, so I found that aged care was a perfect setting,” he said.

Along with his family at home, Conrad has found a different sort of family at MercyCare Joondalup.

“I’ve developed friendships with the residents. They have so much history and they want to share that with you. I think when you form a relationship and I get to know them, that makes life more interesting and you get a lot of knowledge through that.”

Getting to know residents also means that Conrad is able to get to know their tastes, likes and dislikes, and integrate that into the menus.

“I incorporate their feedback in my food and the way I do my ordering, in the presentation, and the way I cook the food according to their tastes.

“Coming from Asia I love to make curries and I like casseroles for how you can really bring out the robust flavours and incorporate so many ingredients into it.”

Conrad, backed by the hospitality team at MercyCare, is passionate about nutrition and using fresh, seasonal produce.

“Residents need nutritious meals because it helps them to have a better-quality life. When they eat nutritious meals, they have the strength and energy to do the things they like and want to do.”