MercyCare / News / Kelmscott residents pampered for Mother’s Day

Kelmscott residents pampered for Mother’s Day

Lifestyle Therapy and Spirituality Coordinator Tracy Molloy said she wanted the ladies at Kelmscott to feel extra special for Mother’s Day, particularly given the event was delayed twice as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown and visitor restrictions.

“Every lady had the opportunity to get their hair and make-up done and have a mini glamour shot taken,” she said.

“We had staff and family members help out to do the make-up and hair and a rack of clothing so the residents could pick what they wanted to wear in the fashion parade.

“Everyone was clapping and cheering and chanting, and we had the proper runway music, so Maggie, one of our residents, was doing the twirl and having a great time.”

Following the fashion parade, residents were treated to a delectable high tea lunch followed by a glitzy dinner dance concert.

“The celebrations continued after dinner, we had an amazing performer Glenn Levi come in and do a two-hour concert,” Tracy said.

“He got all the residents up dancing. Everyone just really enjoyed it, it was a really great evening.”

The day-to-night extravaganza was a huge hit with residents.

Tracy credits the success of the event to the volunteer efforts of staff and family members, many of whom came in on their day off to lend a helping hand, including carer Brad, who played DJ and photographer for the day, and fellow carer Gina, who provided some musical entertainment.