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Let’s get through this together

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is providing challenges for us all.

It has made changes to aspects of life such us our routines, finances, family lives and working arrangements.

Having an active approach to managing our wellbeing can make a difficult situation a little less overwhelming.

Play a part

While it is reasonable to be concerned about the outbreak of coronavirus, try to remember there are things we can do to minimise our risk.

By staying home when we can, reducing our interactions, keeping a metre and a half away from other people and following thorough handwashing practices, we can contribute to the reduction of the transmission of COVID-19.

Manage your exposure

Constant exposure to negative coverage can heighten feelings of anxiety.

Don’t let the coronavirus pandemic be all-consuming. Try to limit the amount of time spent focused on the topic and ensure the information you are accessing about the topic is credible.

Stay connected

Self-isolation, self-quarantine and social distancing may have changed our social lives dramatically but they don’t have to mean an end to social connections.

Stay connected with friends, family and colleagues online via email, social media, video conferencing or telephone.


You may not be able to escape to the gym but with a little creativity, you can still get regular exercise and incorporate some of the activities that you enjoy doing into your everyday routine. 

Physical activity is important for both the mind and body.

Establish routines as best possible and think about different things you could do to make the most of the extra time spent at home.

If you are working from home it can be a good idea to allocate specific work hours, taking regular breaks and, if possible, establish a dedicated work space.

Practical assistance

Financial strain can put huge pressure on relationships and our stress levels.

Be proactive about financial problems and seek advice or support if you need it. Government assistance may be available.

Talk to someone

It is important to acknowledge feelings of distress and seek further professional support if required.

Lifeline and Beyond Blue are two services that can offer assistance.

  • or 13 11 14
  • or 1300 22 4636

MercyCare has supports in place for our staff and volunteers and many other employers do too, so it is worth seeing what is available at your workplace.

We have also put together some tips on how to approach the subject of coronavirus with children