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Life stories bring joy

“I love talking to the residents and learning their life history and background. They have such great life stories and we can always learn so much from every single resident,” Janet said.

“When you know someone’s history, it is easier to understand where they are coming from and that can flow into better personalised care for each person.”

At Joondalup Janet is the ACFI coordinator where she ensures care plans and funding reflect the care needs of each person. While this requires plenty of desk time, she makes sure she takes the time to get to know every single resident at Joondalup.

“I’ve been here for 18 years, which is a long time, but time just flies,” she said.

“The people I work with, they’re here for the residents. There are great staff that I’ve known for a long time and made some great friendships. It’s a real team approach and environment.”