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Meet MercyCare’s nurses

International Nurses Day is a day that we pause to appreciate the tireless work being done by our nurses.

Meet some of the dedicated nurses who work across MercyCare’s Residential Aged Care Homes.

Meet Jessica

For MercyCare enrolled nurse Jessica Haydock, nothing is more rewarding than helping people in her line of work.  

Working at MercyCare Rockingham Residential Aged Care Home for the past two years, Jessica has formed some special connections with the residents.

“I enjoy helping people and it’s very rewarding being able to help people when they are at their most vulnerable,” the 26-year-old says.

“I love being able to make people comfortable and smile. I love hearing our residents stories and hearing about their life.”

Describing nursing as her “dream job”, Jessica says it was something she has wanted to do since she was young.

“I became a nurse as it has been my dream job since I was child,” she says.

“My grandma was a clinical midwife and I loved hearing her stories.”

On why she chose to work in aged care, Jessica said “it is rewarding being able to care for another human in their last years of life.”

Reflecting on the year so far, Jessica says she has learned to take things in her stride.

“2021 has taught me to say yes to opportunities even if it is scary and nothing great happens in our comfort zones,” she said.

Meet Lynette

MercyCare senior enrolled nurse Lynette Rademeyer credits working in aged care as helping her tend to the needs of her own family.

“When I emigrated from South Africa to New Zealand my Mum fell sick. I was working so my sister went back to care for her,” she said.

“My working in aged care is giving back when I couldn’t for my Mum. I can look after other people’s Mums and Dads.”

Lynette’s passion for aged care is personal, and she has treated the employees and residents at MercyCare Residential Aged Care over the past nine years like her own family.

“It’s something about this place, the people. I live across from an aged care centre, yet I still drive all the way here to do my work,” she said.

As with many of MercyCare’s Residential Aged Care staff, Lynette is a long-term member and has seen the huge difference that makes to residents.

“When you know the residents, it’s easy. You know what to look for, notice subtle changes and can stay on top of their care,” she said.

“Every single person is an individual with personal needs – and when the staff know them well it makes it easier to meet those different needs and wants.”