MercyCare / News / MercyCare acquires e-bikes in a bid to reduce carbon footprint

MercyCare acquires e-bikes in a bid to reduce carbon footprint

MercyCare service designer Joni Sercombe came up with the idea which was approved for a grant through the CEO Innovation Fund, an initiative that encourages staff across the organisation to think creatively and transform their ideas into solutions that will benefit the MercyCare community.

“We have been looking at some fleet options which are gentler on the planet,” Joni says.

“E-bikes are an easy-to-use, cost-effective and environmentally responsible option. As a forward-thinking organisation, it seemed like a good idea to offer our staff the chance to try them out.”

Travelling at a maximum speed of 25km/h, e-bikes can travel up to 60km on one charge.

From reducing carbon emissions to saving money on fuel, parking and other on-road costs, as well as physical and mental health benefits, there are many positives that come from using an e-bikes.

Joni adds that the project ties back to MercyCare’s Mission Ethos Shapers by offering the organisation a practical tool to reduce its emissions and demonstrate good stewardship of our resources.

“Taking the work e-bike instead of the car might seem like an insignificant step in the scheme of things, but it’s as much about changing ourselves as it is about changing the world,” she says.

“We hope to raise awareness of this option for commute and short trips between sites.”

Last month a number of MercyCare staff joined Executive Directors Martin Wandmaker, Jo Penman, Matthew Braganza and Vicky Gonzales Burrows and CEO Anthony Smith for a test ride of the e-bikes through the scenic surrounds of Kings Park.

The test ride received positive feedback from staff who took part.