MercyCare / News / MercyCare and Hawaiian join forces to exhibit Diversity and Inclusion Art Collection

MercyCare and Hawaiian join forces to exhibit Diversity and Inclusion Art Collection

The series of 20 portraits will be exhibited at Hawaiian’s Parmelia House from Wednesday the 5th of
February and will be available to view by the public for a three week period.

Captured by 2018 AIPP Australian Portrait Photographer of the Year, Steve Wise, the series of fine
art portraits represent the boundless beauty of diversity in our country that extends across ethnicity,
culture, religion, ability, gender, sexuality and background.

Each portrait in the collection represents a unique story behind these ordinary, yet extraordinary
people and how they are effecting change for themselves and the people around them.

MercyCare CEO Anthony Smith is excited to share the exhibit that showcases so many important
messages about diversity and inclusion for Australians.

“Diversity and inclusion are incredibly important to MercyCare. We believe in the strength of
diversity of thinking, diversity of approach and bringing people into creating what we want as a
community now and for the future.

“By sharing what diversity and inclusion looks like to us we hope it triggers authentic, unrestrained
conversation and challenges people on how they can be a champion for diversity and inclusion in
their workplace and community," Mr Smith said.

Australian renowned portrait photographer Steve Wise said that he was honoured to be part of such
a meaningful exhibit.

“In these portraits I wanted to capture the spectrum that extends across ethnicity, culture, religion,
gender, ability, sexuality and background.

“The portraits do work stand-alone, but when you see them as a series that is when it really does tell
a story about MercyCare and the diversity that is part of their institution.”

Hawaiian General Manager of Office Buildings Richard Kilbane said that Hawaiian was pleased to
support the MercyCare exhibit by showcasing the series at its central Parmelia House property.

“MercyCare provides such an important support and service to the diverse community that makes
up Western Australia. The 20 portraits are a meaningful exhibit that demonstrates the beauty of the
diversity in our country and we couldn’t support its message more,” Mr Kilbane said.

The MercyCare Diversity and Inclusion exhibit will be open to the public from the 5th of February
until the 21st of February at Hawaiian’s Parmelia House, 191 St Georges Terrace, Perth.