MercyCare / News / MercyCare becomes WA’s biggest provider of Short-Term Restorative Care

MercyCare becomes WA’s biggest provider of Short-Term Restorative Care

Short-Term Restorative Care is a time limited, high intensity eight-week reablement program.

Led by MercyCare Allied Health Manager Amanda Edwards, STRC is designed to provide early intervention which aims to optimise the functioning, independence and autonomy of older people.

“This is a flexible program that can help to improve a person’s strength and balance as well as reverse and/or slow functional decline,” Amanda said

“It aims to enable people to get back to doing everyday tasks to enable them to continue living independently at home.”

STRC is delivered in the form of a tailored, multidisciplinary package of services which is backed by a team of health professionals who specialise in areas such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and nursing and can assist with the individual’s goals, such as restoring mobility and independent movement following functional decline.

“The program has been shown to be very successful in helping people get back on their feet and continue living independently and is ideal for people who want to regain or improve their level independence,” Amanda added.

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