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MercyCare joins Good Company to spread some good

Making a small difference in the life of someone experiencing hardship doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

We have recently joined, a web-based platform that allows individuals and workplaces to make donations towards specific ‘gifts’ that will help make life just a little easier for people in the West Australian community.

The ‘gifts’ currently listed on behalf of MercyCare will go towards people experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness and young mothers working towards independent living.

Items such as a jar of baby food can be gifted via MercyCare for as little as $2.

A $20 donation could provide a Transperth SmartRider with credit on it to help a young person get to school or a job interview, $50 could provide ambulance cover for someone in need or $250 could set up a mother-to-be with the basics for when her baby arrives.

As well as choosing specifically what your donation goes towards, there are a number of advantages of donating via GoodCompany.

1: You can be confident your entire donation will go directly towards the cost of the chosen gift, as GoodCompany does not take a percentage of donations and the listed price is what it will cost to provide the listed ‘gift’.

2: You can easily donate via credit card or donate directly out of your pre-tax income. Payroll giving is where a company sets up an account with GoodCompany to allow employees to donate through their pre-tax pay.

GoodCompany also provides people with the opportunity to set up monthly donations or to gift a donation to a friend.

We also plan on listing corporate volunteering opportunities with MercyCare via GoodCompany in the future.

To find out more visit the GoodCompany website

Or to get your boss to sign up to GoodCompany send them this link: