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MercyCare Values Artwork Unveiled at Staff & Volunteer Conference

MercyCare hosted its bi-annual Staff & Volunteer Day in September, bringing together over 500 staff and volunteers.

During this event, MercyCare revealed a new series of artworks that represent the organisation’s six core values: Courage, Integrity, Justice, Compassion, Respect, and Excellence. This unveiling was part of celebrating the dedicated workforce and their significant contributions to MercyCare.

The MercyCare values artwork was presented on stage by Vicky Gonzalez Burrows, Executive Director of Mission & Ethos along with Pam Thorley, Manager of Aboriginal Pathway Strategies.

Vicky explained the artwork creation process and how it will be used moving forward “We are really excited to share this artwork with you today

“We will use this artwork as an opportunity over the next year to engage in conversations to think about how we live these values”

Noongar Artist

Peter Farmer

Peter Farmer is a renowned Noongar artist who has worked on many projects across Western Australia and Victoria. Along with business partner and wife Miranda, Peter said he was honoured to work with MercyCare on this project and to learn about the organisation’s values and vision.

“We wanted to create something that was meaningful and relevant to MercyCare and its staff, volunteers and clients. We wanted to show the connection between the land, the seasons, the people and the values,” 

Values Artwork Creation Process

The MercyCare values artwork journey started with a workshop in June 2022 with key executive members, Aboriginal staff, and a diverse range of representatives from across MercyCare’s services.

Guided by Noongar artist Peter Farmer, the group developed a visual representation of each value. Peter emphasised the importance of both male and female perspectives.

To truly engage the group, everyone got their hands dirty by taking turns painting the base layer of the artwork In a rainbow pattern. The six colours of this base layer represent one of the Noongar seasons seen in the South West of Australia. Read more on this here.

Values artwork workshop with staff
values artwork workshop with Peter Farmer

“The artworks are not just paintings, they are stories. They tell the story of MercyCare, its history, its culture, its vision and its values. We see the story of the staff, their passion, their dedication, their challenges and their achievements. They are a reflection of who they are and what they do,” Peter said.

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