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MercyCare’s No Interest Loan helps Paul start afresh

Currently on a disability support pension, Paul wanted to find a job that was flexible and accommodated both his physical and mental health needs.

After deciding to enrol in a mortgage brokerage course, Paul realised that he needed a laptop to carry out his work and studies.

After researching his options, he soon realised he couldn’t afford to purchase a laptop on his pension, nor could he afford to make repayments on a standard interest repayment loan offered by payday lenders.

After making enquiries with a loan provider,  Paul was referred to MercyCare for its No Interest Loans Service (NILS), which provides interest-free loans of up to $1500.

The loans are available to people who have a healthcare card or on a low income  and can be used to pay for a broad variety of expenses including education and training, medical costs, mobility equipment, pet expenses, driving lessons, car repairs, household whitegoods and appliances.

There is no interest, no fees or charges involved and once loans have been paid, people can apply for a loan top-up, also without interest.

After applying for a no interest loan, Paul was approved and was able to use the money to buy a laptop.

 “Paul said he doesn’t know what he could have done if not for the NILS loan, which has changed his life enormously,” Mercy Lending Services Senior Loan Officer Suzan Armanious said.

“He’s now a qualified Mortgage Broker and is feeling confident to search for employment in this field.”

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