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MercyCare’s War on waste

Can you imagine what $1000 worth of food looks like? That is how much food an average household in Australia throws away each year.

So, we can only imagine how much food waste goes into the bins throughout workplaces on a daily basis.

Food waste contributes to global warming through the methane gas it releases as it decomposes within landfill.

With this in mind, MercyCare is taking action to try to divert food waste from landfill and instead have it composted, returning the carbon back into the soil cycle rather than the atmosphere.

We are doing this through a subscription to Kooda, a tech-enabled food scraps collection service operating here in Perth.

Starting with our central office in West Perth, staff are being asked to place all their food scraps and organic waste into the Kooda buckets that are now situated in the kitchens.

The buckets will be collected and swapped regularly for clean ones, with the waste being taken to be composted at Kooda’s processing facility which efficiently transforms the waste into worm castings that can be purchased by the public for use in gardens.

It is hoped that this new way of dealing with waste will also act as a reminder to employees to consider ways of reducing, reusing and recycling and inspire them to think about how they deal with their own household waste.

The adoption of the Kooda system is part of our commitment to environmental sustainability and part of a wider focus on incorporating ecological principles into our organisation culture, and the operations of our service programs and facilities.

For broader waste management, MercyCare contracts Suez, who will also be able to provide data to identify waste improvements made by staff and the organisation.