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More than just a job in Aged Care

By MercyCare Aged Care Executive Joanne Penman

It takes a special person to work in Aged Care. In addition to the right skills and qualifications, each share that special something – compassion. Today we say thank you to every MercyCare Aged Care employee for their vital role supporting our elderly.

MercyCare is built on our core values of respect, integrity, justice, excellence, courage and of course, compassion. Our employees share these values, living them through their dedication to their work.

Historically the aged care workforce has not always received the recognition they deserve. I can’t think of a more important role in our society.  

Our aged care workforce is highly skilled, providing incredibly important care and support to some of our most vulnerable citizens.

COVID-19 restrictions in Western Australia and the current situation in Victoria highlights the essential and often challenging role of aged care workers.  Like other essential health care workers, aged care workers have risen to the challenge throughout this crisis, continuing their work in the face of unprecedented challenges.

Each aged care employee brings their own diverse skills and experience to their work, but they must all have one thing in common – compassion.

Compassion is the common ingredient we require in all our staff. I admire the dedication of our aged care workers, they make a real difference to people’s lives.

As we celebrate Aged Care employee day please join with me to offer a heartfelt thanks to our aged care teams.