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Need help understanding the NDIS and how you fit?

In a previous world, local coordinators assisted people to navigate through disability services provided by the government.

In this new world of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, the power has shifted into the hands of the individual, so the person receiving the support gets the final say about the services they receive.

Here at MercyCare we’ve had a big number of people navigating the system contact us in an effort to understand the scheme and what it means for them.

It is a new and complex system, so we can empathise with those who call us and say they are feeling a little confused or frustrated.

Whilst the issues with the rollout of the NDIS have been widely reported, now is not the time to step away and turn our back on people with disabilities in their time of need when the sector is in such a state of transition.

We are happy to answer questions and help people understand how the scheme can work for individuals.

For anyone grappling with the changes or just trying to make sense of some part of them, we encourage you to pick up the phone.

Here at MercyCare we already have more than 70 NDIS active participants.

While we know that many of our service users found the process of applying and being assessed for eligibility to be long and complex, when we look at the support they received previously in comparison to what they now experience as part of the NDIS, they are definitely better off for it.

MercyCare is an approved NDIS provider.

If, once assessed, you decide you want us to provide your services through the NDIS we can coordinate individual plans specific to your circumstances.

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