MercyCare / News / New role set to bring more benefits to ELC children and families

New role set to bring more benefits to ELC children and families

“The position was created to bring a greater focus to ensure our curriculum and services understand all aspects of MercyCare when it comes to our mission, vision, values and mostly our Ethos Shapers,” Courtney said.

MercyCare’s Mission Ethos shapers ensures everyday work contributes to our vision and mission and include Ecological Awareness and Behaviour; Aboriginal Pathway and Reconciliation Journey; Cultural Diversity and Race Awareness; our Person-Centred Approach and Safeguarding Children and Young People.

Everyday learning in our centres that contribute towards Mission Ethos shapers can be as varied as learning the words and actions to Acknowledgement of Country; caring for and harvesting the plants in our vegie and bush tucker gardens; celebrating a cultural festival like Diwali that has meaning to our families.

“It also includes our Protective Behaviours program which supports our Safeguarding Ethos, greater collaboration and networking with our Reconciliation Action Plan and Eco Warrior programs, as well as our educators receiving greater support to help achieve goals set within these areas,” Courtney said.

“My role will also ensure quality and consistency is upheld within all of our centres, taking into account our mission and values.”

What this means for children and families is that they will see benefit from more collaboration and integration between the Early Learning Centres and MercyCare’s other service areas, such as Aged Care.

“In time they will begin to see more supporting programs rolled out which will benefit a variety of areas in the children’s learning and development,” Courtney said.

Courtney added that a core part of her new role is to provide support and training for ELC staff so they can be their best selves for the children they care for.

“By supporting our staff knowledge, education and wellbeing, our children receive the most purposeful care possible,” she said.