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Playing ball

Within the City of Wanneroo, MercyCare will connect with local schools, sports clubs, health centres, community centres and other relevant partners to highlight the importance of sports for young people as a protective factor in health and wellbeing and preventing the uptake of alcohol and other drugs.

“Something as simple as belonging to a team can make a world of difference to a young person. Feeling like you really belong, having something to do and be committed to, and finding joy in feeling fit and healthy can really make a difference,” Community Exchange Community Development Coordinator Tracy Tuari said.

“We want to make sure all young people, no matter their financial situation, have equal opportunity to access sport in their community.

“By making more families and young people aware of the funding available to them, we hope them into sport in their community which will have a beneficial flow on effect to prevention of drug and alcohol uptake.”

Through the Project Community Exchange will work towards raising awareness of funding available through KidSports grants and the benefits of becoming involved with community sport.

The KidSports grants aim to give more young people (5-18 years old) the opportunity to experience the benefits of being part of a local sporting club through financial assistance up to $150 a year towards club fees.

This new Project stems from the work over the past two years by MercyCare’s Local Drug Action Team (LDAT) and funded by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF).

The initial LDAT of young peer educators, called Red Cups, strived to educate and influence their peers within the City of Wanneroo. The LDAT hope to continue the success of the initial Red Cups initiative with future support from ADF.

The City of Wanneroo has one of the highest incidents of low-income earning families and low rates of families and young people, especially females, taking up its KidSports grant.

The project is led by Community Exchange Community Development Coordinator Tracy Tuari and Project Officer Honey Inia, who has been welcomed back to MercyCare after finishing in April this year as the Merriwa Community Hub Host.

To learn more contact Tracy Tuari on or 0481 004 210.