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Raising the next generation of Eco Warriors

Have you heard about our Eco Warrior program?

At each of MercyCare’s Early Learning Centres, our educators set out to engage children in a series of fun, educational eco-friendly activities that demonstrate how every little action can make a big difference. 

The idea was originally sparked by MercyCare Early Learning Manager Rosina Smith, whose son Tate began to show an interest in the environment by picking up rubbish during their regular walks to the park.

From recognising her son’s desire for a cleaner environment, Rosina realised there is great potential to share eco-conscious habits with other little minds across MercyCare’s Early Learning Centres.

Since its conception, the Eco Warrior program has become a popular fixture at our centres, with children showing great enthusiasm in contributing to a cleaner, greener future.

Through a series of hands on, interactive activities, children learn all about sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices that range from involving them in managing compost, worm farms and vegetable patches, upcycling materials during craft activities, doing regular spot clean ups in the community.

Some of our centres have even taken measures to teach children about energy usage and how to reduce electricity costs by “thinking green”.

Educators at our Heathridge centre have been championing our Eco Warrior mindset, having recently attended a course run by Little Green Steps WA, which taught them all about being mindful of energy usage and reducing electricity costs by “thinking green.”

You may even notice some ‘think green’ stickers near power switches at Heathridge, which aims to encourage children to be more mindful of energy usage.

At our Thornlie centre, educators have worked with children to analyse electricity bills to see how power usage can be reduced, while at our Wembley centre, each fortnight the educators and children take a walk around the centre and collect rubbish in an effort to keep the area tidy.

All of our centres have environmentally responsible or sustainable programs in place and work to divert as much as waste as possible from landfill.

It’s hoped that by raising an army of junior eco-conscious warriors who can apply the same environmentally-friendly practises at home and in the community, we can help contribute to a greener, cleaner future.