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Safeguarding Children and Young People

MercyCare is a Safeguarding Children and Young People accredited organisation through the Australian Childhood Foundation. MercyCare achieved full accreditation in 2019 and will be going through reaccreditation this year.

Accreditation requires organisations to adhere to nationally recognised child safe standards across all our work with children and young people.

MercyCare is committed to creating a culture with children and young people at the forefront. As part of this we have refreshed our commitment statement for children and young people and have embedded the following practices:

  • Training MercyCare people in child safety to create safe place for children and young people
  • Conducting annual audits of our safeguarding practices and areas of improvement
  • Providing children and young people the opportunity to have a voice in their service journey
  • Creating a culture prioritising child safety and wellbeing 

Resources on Safeguarding at MercyCare, how it works, what it means, procedures and how to provide feedback for children, young people, parents, staff and volunteers can be found here.