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Santa Maria College Student Recognised for Volunteer Work

Amy Kinsman has volunteered at MercyCare last year and this year for aged care and childcare.

“Spending time with the kids while they learn and discover new and exciting things is an absolute pleasure,” she said.

“As part of their schooling, the students have to complete 15-20 hours of Service Learning, but many go over and above that,” MercyCare schools liaison and volunteers officer Louise Mason said.

“The students are so dedicated that many of them are willing to give up their school holidays to help others, and last month we had 81 students volunteer during their holiday.”

Ms Mason said the students volunteered at a range of MercyCare sites across the metropolitan area, including in child care, aged care and respite care for people living with dementia.

The students have also raised money to buy things like care products for young mothers and school supplies for children living in care.

MercyCare chief executive Chris Hall said National Student Volunteer Week, August 8 to 14, was the perfect time to recognise the work of the volunteers.

“It is heartening to see these students cultivate a real sense of social responsibility, and we hope we play a small part in that.”