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Susan Ogg: I’m more than just a cleaner

So if they ask me about their clothes, I always make an effort to ensure it is returned on that day, or if it is lost I do my best to find it – it is these small things that make such a difference in the residents’ lives.

When a new resident arrives and I clean their room for the first time, I look at what is in their room while I’m cleaning because their photos and knickknacks often tell a story of their life.

It’s a good starting point for conversation to engage with the resident and most times they love to talk about their life. Sometimes it takes a bit of time, but with patience and a kind, caring nature you can earn the residents’ trust and they become like your family.

It is so important for our residents that we all work together as a team. We work with these residents everyday, we get to know them really well.

A smile, a good morning, a ‘how are you today?’ goes a long way.

One particular morning on my early shift at 6am, I recall how I spent time with one of our residents and reassured him that things would be OK.

Even though my role is to clean the residents’ rooms and make sure their laundry in order, I’m part of a team and it is important that we all work together to provide the best care and ensure the wellbeing of our residents.

Person-centred care is our number one priority, and over the years working at MercyCare, I’ve learnt that the smallest things make a massive difference for our residents.

Whenever I am cleaning a room and a resident is there, I take the time to chat with them as this often makes their day.

I walk with residents down to the dining room because sometimes they are confused and lose their way in the home.

There is one resident who puts her hand out to me on most days and just wants a reassuring hug.

It makes my day to give her a hug.

For anyone contemplating taking on a role as a domestic worker at MercyCare, it is so rewarding to play an important role in our residents’ lives.