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Tech donation assists foster families and children

MercyCare’s fostering services team has been able to distribute computers to seven foster families in order to provide children in care a virtual way to maintain their commitment and attendance to educational attainment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The thinking behind the donation was to assist children to learn from home given the initial uncertainty around schools. Whilst schools are now open for attendance, some children remain at home owing to their particular circumstances.

The computers came from RSM Australia clients who had upgraded their technology and computer systems.

Michael Palermo who is a Senior IT Consultant at RSM Australia’s Perth branch said he was glad the computers could be put to use.

“As an existing client of RSM Australia, we were already familiar with the unbelievable work MercyCare does and the COVID-19 pandemic prompted us to consider how we might be able to provide assistance,” he said.

Mr Palermo said he was keen to create an ongoing partnership to support the work done by MercyCare into the future.

MercyCare Fostering Services Coordinator Paul Everall said measures in place surrounding COVID-19 had a direct impact on children and foster families which ranged from accessibility to virtual learning/schooling and having contact with family and community networks which are integral to children’s sense of connection, achievement and sense of community.

“We are committed to providing all of our children opportunities for access to education and a sense of continuity of participation and achievement,” he said.

“We deeply appreciate this generous donation from RSM Australia,” Mr Everall said.

“Having this equipment donated means our program costs have not been impacted, so we can continue to focus on providing the best possible outcomes for children in care and their foster carers,” he said.