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Technology to help combat loneliness

Research shows seniors who live in residential aged care and those who live alone with mobility-limiting illnesses are more likely to experience loneliness, putting them at greater risk of depression, physical and cognitive decline, and acute health issues including dementia.

The study, which aims to empower older Australians to use digital technology to engage more easily and more often with their family, friends and community, started in February when the first participants received their customised tablets.

Participants have been shown how to make video calls and send messages to family, how to use Google Earth to look up places they’ve visited or lived, and how to use the app to manage things like home care appointments and social events.

The study includes residents and service users from across MercyCare’s Aged Care services, including residential care, retirement living and in-home support. The study will continue for 12 months with an evaluation
report by Queensland University of Technology expected mid-2021.