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Thank you to all our volunteers across MercyCare

Volunteers play a vital role at MercyCare and are the heart and soul of our community.

In the past financial year, our amazing volunteers contributed a combined 14,000 hours of their time to providing companionship, mentorship, care and support to our service users.

“Volunteering with MercyCare is very rewarding and enjoyable experience – they can make a difference, feel valued and be a part of the team,” MercyCare Volunteer and Placement Coordinator Tanya Filevski said.

“Our volunteers want to make a difference, whether it is helping a resident reminisce about the ‘good old days’, mentoring and helping young people in learning how to drive, assisting clients to join in with the activities at our social centre or reading a book to the children at our early learning centres.

“Their contribution makes a big difference to the lives of our service users, employees, management and the organisation.”

The time given by volunteers across our services is invaluable and this week for National Volunteers Week, we want to share our immense appreciation for the incredible work they do for our community.

Across our Residential Aged Care homes, our companion volunteers been amazing in providing ‘human connection’ just by spending time listening and talking to residents.

“Volunteers share their own experiences and stories and really connect with residents,” Tanya said.

“Just by being there with them for a chat or to listen to them reminiscing, they bring a sense of joy to the residents, which enriches their lives.”

Much like this year’s theme, Better Together, we believe we can strengthen the support and care we provide to our community and bring more joy and compassion to others with the help of our dedicated volunteers.

“Our volunteers are kind-hearted, dedicated and a wonderful group of people, I am very proud to work alongside them,” Tanya said. To all our volunteers, we want to say thank you – you are making a difference in our MercyCare community in a big way, and we couldn’t do it without you!