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Meet Eileen, The Heartbeat of Harman Park Community Centre

Eileen’s story begins in England, where she was born; she spent her early years in a convent in Geraldton before going to the “Big Smoke” of Perth.

This is where Eileen’s vocational calling of caring for others began to show, and she blossomed into the amazing individual she is today, whom we are so lucky to have.

Eileen has volunteered in the Belmont Community for nearly two decades. From her early days volunteering at the Hopman Cup to her commitment to aged care services, her service knows no bounds.

But Eileen is more than just a volunteer; she is a woman who never sits still and is always doing something.

She maintains close friendships with the women she shared her convent days with, and they continue to look out for one another.

Eileen can’t pinpoint only one aspect she loves about volunteering because every moment at the Harman Park Community Centre brings a smile to her face.

She cherishes the opportunity to mingle with the clients, share a laugh, and brighten their day.

Often sharing light-hearted jokes like, “Did we not take our happy pills today?” And the clients aren’t afraid to reciprocate with the same energy.

Their playful banter is a testament to their strong bonds, as Eileen proudly claims, “They love me to bits, and I love them to bits.”. Eileen says.

“Thursday is the best day of the week, knowing I am going to my volunteering job and making people happy”.

Eileen says that volunteering taught her, “Carrying the world on your shoulders is not worth living for.” She encourages everyone to volunteer while they still can.

This recently extended to her granddaughter, whom she suggested giving volunteering a go.

From this experience, her granddaughter landed a full-time role at the company where she initially volunteered.

She is now working as a special education assistant, showing all the places volunteering can take you.

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