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The VIP Experience: Rocks Star Residents

“I’ve worked in hospitality for the past 15 years, looking after Australian and international artists like Pharrell Williams and The Presets. When they came to Perth to tour, it was my job to ensure their catering needs and wants were exactly met,” Emily said.

“Now MercyCare residents are my new VIPs where I adopt the same person-centred approach. We asked our residents what’s important to them, what they like, what they were used to growing up eating, who they sit with – all of these things influence our menus and the experience.

“The Dining Experiencing is more than just the ‘meal’, it’s about engaging all the senses in a full experience. It’s how the table is set up, the lighting, the sounds, the furniture. All these make up the dining experience.” 

Emily joined the hospitality team earlier this year, part of a team working towards excellence in hospitality across the five MercyCare Residential Aged Care homes.

The hospitality team’s focus centres on quality, engagement and feedback; service; and the environment in the dining room. The team has also worked to review systems to create better flow and efficiencies for staff, and train staff in the three keys areas of food, service and environment.

“It’s about making the experience all about the resident and recognising that mealtimes are about their independence and daily social interaction,” Emily said.

“Coming in with a hospitality background and with fresh eyes, I have been able to work with our amazing staff to elevate the dining experience for our residents.”