MercyCare / News / Vaso treasures ‘trusting’ friendship with MercyCare support worker Garry

Vaso treasures ‘trusting’ friendship with MercyCare support worker Garry

Since being partnered with Garry in 2019, Vaso said they have developed a trusting bond, so much so that he considers Garry a “friend”.

“He’s a good person,” Vaso said. “He’s open, very friendly, knows his job, good at shopping and I like that about him. I feel I can trust him.

“My daughter is very picky, but she says he is a friend.”

It was more than 11 years ago that mechanical engineer Vaso’s life changed forever when he fell 7m from his roof while cleaning the gutters.

The incident left him paralysed from the waist down and in a wheelchair.

But since taking up MercyCare’s NDIS Disability Support Services in 2018, Vaso has been able to get to important medical appointments and receive support for domestic tasks such as preparing food and grocery shopping.

But he said it was the community support service that has kept him doing the things he loves most.

Vaso has many passions from sport to academic pursuits with a keen interest in history, geography and science.

He considers himself a fit, active man and is determined to continue the activities he most enjoys, such as swimming.

“All my life I’ve been into sport,” Vaso said. “I just need someone to go with me to do swimming, I know how to swim, I’ve been swimming all my life.”

After taking an extended break from the pool due to COVID-19 restrictions, Vaso hopes to return to regular swimming sessions — with Garry’s help — in December.