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Volunteering a rewarding role for Jennifer

“My daughter, who is an Occupational Therapist, suggested volunteer work,” Jennifer says.

“I got involved with volunteering because I didn’t want or need to lock into a paid job with little flexibility.”

While she currently does book keeping for her husband’s turf consultancy business, for the past 18 months Jennifer has also been volunteering as a community transport driver through MercyCare’s Harman Park Community Centre, which is located in the City of Belmont.

Volunteering weekly, Jennifer’s role involves taking clients who live in the City of Belmont to and from their medical appointments.

“I collect the client from their home, drive them to their appointment which could be anywhere in the metro area, and once called to pick them up, I return them back to their home,” Jennifer explains.

She adds that she has grown fond of her volunteer role and that it has been a rewarding experience.

“I love doing community transport,” she says.

“I feel I’m providing a much-needed service, I get to meet people and have a chat. All clients really appreciate the drivers and with Michelle at the helm steering, everything runs smoothly.”

For others who are considering becoming a volunteer, Jennifer says it is a worthwhile experience.

“If anyone needs to fill some spare time and feel worthwhile, I would definitely recommend volunteering,” she says.

If you or anyone you know are interested in becoming a volunteer for MercyCare, visit our Volunteer page.