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Bringing Joy and Love to Kelmscott Residential Aged Care

Since her mother’s relocation, Lynne Roberts has become an invaluable asset to Kelmscott Residential Aged Care. Initially hesitant, her mother was eventually won over by the persistence of the staff and volunteers, which inspired Lynne to make a difference in the lives of residents who don’t have family around.

She takes pride in getting to know the residents personally by discovering their hobbies, interests, and life stories. One such resident was a man who typically kept to himself. Still, Lynne made it her mission to connect with him and discovered that he had written a book of Australian stories. In a heart-warming gesture, she went out of her way to borrow a copy of his book of Australian stories from the State Library. She now regularly reads his stories to him – an act that made him feel seen and heard and significantly impacted his life.

But Lynne didn’t stop there! After realising the residents didn’t have easy access to the things they needed, her mother inspired her to create the Mobile Kiosk – a trolley stocked with snacks, lollies, puzzles, health needs, and other small items. This initiative has become a highlight of the residents’ week, and they eagerly anticipate its arrival.

Lynne’s time volunteering in aged care has taught her many valuable lessons. Before retirement, she lived a fast-paced life, always on the go. However, through her volunteering experience, Lynne has learned to slow down, practice patience, and adapt to relate to a more diverse group of people. Lynne said, “Volunteering is just such a great feeling.”

All in all, Lynne Roberts’ dedication to volunteering at Kelmscott aged care facility has made a significant difference in the lives of many residents. Her ability to connect with and support residents has been life-changing.

Her initiatives, like the Mobile Kiosk, have significantly impacted their quality of life. Lynne’s passion for volunteering and dedication to the Kelmscott aged care facility has been an inspiring example, showing us the importance of compassion and kindness in our communities.

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