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Our Diversity Statement

We recently celebrated the launch of our Diversity Statement

“At Mercycare, every person matters. We commit to inspiring a culture that truly embraces and celebrates diversity and will continue to build relationships and deliver services that are inclusive of people from all walks of life.”

This is an important public statement as we strive to embed diversity within our culture and practices at MercyCare.

Shaping MercyCare’s diversity approach and a community of staff and volunteers that is reflective of the rich cultures, races and backgrounds of the people that we work with is vitally important.

It’s this approach coupled with our commitment to diversity and strong values which makes MercyCare an organisation that embraces differences and inclusion.

In step with many, we have well developed a Disability Access Inclusion Plan and A Reconciliation Action Plan.

Beyond that in a practical way our commitment to diversity also includes learning and development opportunities for our staff comprising workshops on Aboriginal Enlightenment, Diversity, Noongar Language,Courageous Conversations About Race and online training on Embracing Diversity and Aboriginal History and Culture.

Our Person Centred mission ethos also places a person-centred lens over everything we do to embrace individual needs and experiences.

Our work on diversity and inclusion is enduring. Our leadership teams are continuing to reflect on additional
ways that we can celebrate and encourage diversity in our workplace and I’m looking forward to the next
stage in its development for our organisation.

Anthony Smith