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Encouraging a Love for Reading!

Since January, our Heathridge Centre has enjoyed having volunteer Judy Macgill, a retired librarian, visit each week to provide support to staff and educators and use her passion for education to inspire the children to become amazing readers!

Judy’s expertise shines during her captivating story time sessions, which always end with robust conversations with the children about the books she has chosen.

Judy sharing her joy for storytelling with our Heathridge Early Learning children

“What lights up my day is when the children want to discuss the story we have read,” Judy said.

“One of my favourite moments so far was reading the Dreamtime story ‘The Rainbow Serpent’. This story sparked such a lively discussion among the children, highlighting the power of literature and its ability to ignite young minds.”

Judy’s dedication helps ensure the children receive a solid foundation for their learning journey, boosting their self-esteem and provoking a love of reading.

For Judy, volunteering has given her a new sense of purpose after retiring last year. She has some advice for others considering taking on this important role.

“Be prepared to have a lot of fun! You need to have both emotional and physical energy to work with children, but, you’ll always go home with a big smile on your face.” Judy said

Judy’s experience reminds us of the impact one can have when driven by passion and a desire to make a difference in the lives of others. We are honoured to have her as part of our community, enriching our children’s lives and bringing the joy of learning to our Early Learning Centre.

If you have been inspired by what you have read so far and would be interested in knowing more about other volunteer opportunities we have on offer, you can click on the link below to find out more!

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