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Lab coat heroes to community heroes

“MercyCare welcomes Epichem’s donation with open arms,” MercyCare Chief Executive Officer Anthony Smith said.

“Personal Protective Equipment like hand sanitiser ensures we are able to provide a safe environment for our staff and our clients. This donation supports the work we are doing in the community.

“Epichem’s generosity and community spirit is immensely appreciated.”

Based in Bentley, Epichem is a leading provider of synthetic and medicinal chemistry services. Using its technical expertise, Epichem produced hand sanitiser for its employees and their families, as well as to donate to Western Australian healthcare and aged care service providers.

“This is an opportunity to demonstrate leadership, share our capability and expertise and contribute to our community in their time of need,” Epichem Chief Executive Officer Colin La Galia said.

“I am very proud of Epichem employees and our team of dedicated chemists who want to make a difference and be the difference.

“This is an opportunity to showcase our corporate social responsibility in action rather than words”

“Not all heroes wear capes, some wear lab coats!”

That sentiment was shared by Mr Smith: “This is their lab coat heroes helping MercyCare’s community heroes. Each and every day MercyCare’s frontline staff are working hard to keep our clients safe.”

Mr La Galia this week delivered four boxes of high-grade hand sanitiser, made to the World Health Organization standards from pharmaceutical-grade raw ingredients.

Epichem plans to continue producing and donating hand sanitiser to as many healthcare service providers as possible.

Pictured (L-R): Epichem Chief Executive Officer Colin La Galia and MercyCare's Tony Di Lucia.