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Mercy Lending’s no interest loans a lifeline for Joan

Beaconsfield grandmother Joan Woods has experienced her fair shares of financial difficulties over the years.

But thanks to MercyCare’s No Interest Loans, the 77-year-old has been able to get back on her feet.

Joan first met with Mercy Lending Services Senior Loan Officer Suzan Armanious five years ago after she had difficulties finding enough money to carry out mechanical repairs on a car.

“Being on a pension it’s really hard to make repayments,” Joan says.

“I couldn’t afford to pay for the car repairs but I heard about the (No Interest Loan) which has helped me. Now my grandson is going to apply.”

Since their first meeting five years ago, Joan has sought support from Suzan in applying for other No Interest Loans to help her cope with other unexpected expenses.

For Joan, the repayments are deducted by Centrelink which means she doesn’t have to keep on top of the loan.

Offering extra reassurance, Joan also has the option to defer payments when other expenses come up.

Suzan, who has worked in MercyCare’s Mercy Lending Services for the past 15 years, says helping people during times of need brings her great joy.

“I love to help people, it is why I’m doing this job,” she says.

“I want to relationships with my clients. I want to hear their stories and it brings me joy when I hear that we have helped them get back on their feet.”

Through the No Interest Loans Support (NILS) initiative, interest-free loans of up to $1500 are available to anyone in need and can be used to pay for a broad variety of expenses including education and training, medical costs, mobility equipment, pet expenses, driving lessons, car repairs, household whitegoods and appliances.

There is no interest, no fees or charges involved and once loans have been paid, people can apply for a loan top-up, also without interest.

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